Are you doing some spring cleaning? If you’re cleaning out your home, closet, office, workspace, whatever and you stumble upon some old computers, don’t just throw them away! Instead of filling up your local landfill bring them in to Ohio TechWorks and we’ll recycle your old desktop and laptop computers for you at no charge.

If your computer isn’t too old and is still running, we’ll even give you trade-in credit for it than you can use towards purchasing one of our used computers! And if you’re worried about any personal data that might still be remaining on your old computer, we offer secure-erase drive wiping for just $5.

We accept desktops, laptops, tablets, and flat-screen monitors for recycling. Unfortunately, if you have any of the old-style bulky CRT monitors those have to go to your trash provider. Most places won’t accept those for recycling at this time.


Make sure to schedule an appointment and get those old computer’s out of your house!