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Losing your files can be a scary thought for many of us, but yet millions of people go without any kind of data backup. A simple hard drive crash could lose all of your files, folders, documents, settings, family photos, and more.

Even if your hard drive is under warranty, that only means the manufacture has to give you a new one, not fix yours or get your data back. And unfortunately, data recovery can be expensive. Even though we partner with an established company and try to offer our customers the best deal, recovering a crashed hard drive starts at around $350.

Save yourself the time and money of recovering from a data loss by backing up your computer. Backups can be surprisingly affordable. We offer a wide variety of solutions that cover both local backups (data stored on a hard-drive in your home or business) and cloud backups (data stored online).

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Pricing for backups varies depending on your preferences and storage needs.

Online backups start at $5/month

Local backups start at $8/month (includes hard drive)