“Switching to a solid-state drive is the best upgrade you can make for your PC.”  – PCWorld

Upgrading your computer to a SSD, or solid state drive, can speed up your computer instantly! SSDs can breathe new life into old computers or even make new computers even faster. If you want to learn more about what exactly a SSD is and how it makes your computer faster, make sure you read more towards the bottom of this post to get all the details. First we’re going to explain our current promotion on upgrading your computer to a SSD…

Save 50% on labor when you upgrade to a SSD in March!

Normally our fee to upgrade your hard drive to a solid state drive is $100 labor + the cost of the SSD, but for the entire month of March, 2018 we’re cutting our labor fee in half!

Below are some example prices of what upgrading to a solid state drive will cost you during this promotion:

  • 250GB SSD Upgrade – Normally $200, just $150
  • 500GB SSD Upgrade – Normally $260, just $210
  • 1TB SSD Upgrade – Normally $410, just $360

We use high quality Samsung 860 EVO Solid State Drives in our upgrades, which come with a 5 year warranty*! Our upgrade service includes the new SSD, removal of old hard drive, data transfer (clone), and installation of new SSD. Average turnaround time for an SSD upgrade is 48 hours.

Exclusions: Does not include any cables (typically not needed). Upgrade promotion eligible on Windows based desktops and laptops with hard drive access. Extremely thin laptops, aka “ultra books”, that don’t have a hard drive access door may incur additional fees for dismantling. Your current hard drive must also be in good operating condition.

Prices listed above are estimates, although they are fairly accurate and only due to change if the price of the SSD changes or one of the exclusions above applies. Call today and get a quote for your specific upgrade.

What exactly is a SSD, or Solid State Drive, and how is it faster?

hard drive vs solid state driveA Solid State Drive is a newer form of storage that replaces traditional mechanical hard drives. (Although they can also be used together)

Rather than storing your data on a spinning disk, it stores it all on super fast chips. Think of a flash drive. Solid state drives are just a little bigger, faster, and more durable than most flash drives.

Since your data is stored on this faster chip technology, it can be accessed much quicker. This will improve the speed of things like starting up your computer as well as opening specific programs. We’ve seen a solid state drive improve the startup speed of a laptop by as much as 70%!

Solid state drives are a newer technology and as such they work best with newer computers. If your computer is older than about 6 or 7 years, you may not see as much of a speed improvement due to the limited technology in how your computer communicates with the solid state drive.

Bigger isn’t always better

When buying a computer, especially a laptop, we think you should always opt for a solid state drive if possible. You may see two laptops priced similarly while one says it includes a 1TB (Terabyte) hard drive and the other only a 250GB (Gigabyte). The 250GB model is mostly likely not a hard drive but a solid state drive. Solid state drives are more expensive than traditional hard drives because of the technology used in manufacturing them, but as we’ve already told you they are much faster and more durable. Most people won’t come close to filling up a 1TB hard drive anyways.


*Warranty is through Samsung and includes parts only. Does not include data recovery or the labor to replace hard drive. Subject to change. Check with Samsung for the latest details.