In-Shop Computer Repair Pricing




(1 to 2 Business Days)

Free for most computers.

Gaming computers and custom built desktops - $39

Diagnostics fee will be applied towards the labor

cost of any repairs that are made.


Go directly to the bench and put

your computer at the front of the line.

Rush service fee is non-refundable and

is due in addition to any repair fees.


Free Trial





Minimum Charge


Repairs that take 30 minutes or less

In-Store Consultations

Basic Harware Installation

Parts Not Included

Basic - 1 Hour 


Software Installation/Removal

Driver Updates/Rollbacks

Most Hardware Installation

Windows Password Reset

Parts Not Included

Standard - 1.5 Hours


Virus Removal

General "clean-up"

Non-Touch Laptop Screen Replacement

Basic Data Recovery

Data Transfer (no programs)

Parts Not Included

Advanced - 2 Hours


Windows 10 Reinstallation

Blue Screen/Error Troubleshooting

Laptop Touchscreen Replacement

Windows 10 to 11 Upgrade

Data Transfer (with programs)

Parts Not Included

Extended - 3+ Hours


Laptop Motherboard Replacement

Windows Reinstallation with Data Transfer

Windows 7/8 to 10 Upgrade

Parts Not Included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each computer repair is unique and there can always be complications. That being said, diagnostics usually takes 1 to 2 business days. Once we complete diagnostics, we will contact you and provide you with a timeline to complete your repair.

If you need your repair completed within a specific time frame, let us know when you contact us and we’ll let you know what we can do. You may also consider our Rush Service (more info below).

Follow the tables above to price your repair. If you don’t see the specific problem your computer has or if you’re not sure what the problem is, contact us for more information.

Most computer parts are under $100 individually, unless a major component needs replaced.

You can drop your computer off any time during business hours, no appointment needed! We’re closed on most major holidays. If we’re closed for any non-holidays there will be a banner on the top of our website as well as we keep our hours updated on Google for any special closings.

When in doubt, please feel free to give us a call before dropping by!

For desktops towers: Just bring the tower itself. We don’t need the monitor, keyboard, mouse, or any cables.

For all-in-one desktops (where the computer and monitor are all one piece): Please bring the power brick and cord, as we may not have a matching cord for it.

For laptops: Please bring the power cord and power brick with you. Many laptops have proprietary connections that we may not have a matching cord for.

No. At this time we only work on Windows based PCs.

No. At this time we only work on Windows PCs.

Our Rush Service takes your computer’s diagnostics and repair and puts it at the front of the line, behind only other Rush Service repairs that are already in progress. Your computer goes directly to the bench, unless there is another Rush Service repair already in progress.

Rush Service does not guarantee a set timeline for diagnostics and repair, but it means we make your repair a priority.

Rush Service costs $49 upfront. The Rush Service fee does not apply towards your repair, and should you decide not to fix your computer after diagnostics is completed, the Rush Service fee will not be refunded. If we diagnose your Rush Service computer and determine a part needs to be ordered, we will try our best to get the part in as soon as possible (expedited shipping may be available on certain parts, at the customer’s expense) and once the part arrives the Rush Service will resume with your computer going straight to the bench for repair. The $49 Rush Service fee is non-refundable.